Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Solo Ride to Marcos Mansion

I decided to fulfill one of my solo dream rides -- which would lead me to the well-famed and hidden Marcos Mansion in Canlubang, Laguna. It was a solo trip and would take me at least a half day's ride to and from the Mansion.
My Ride X Marcos Twin Mansions


I was planning for this ride a long time ago. Original plan is to be with a rider buddy, but since there's no one of my ride buddies are available that time, I decided to brave it all alone. 

I get to further research the fastest and easiest route to Marcos Mansion. Since I tried going to Nuvali not so long time ago, I mapped the route easily. Also, I was training my legs, cardio and endurance just to reach the location. It took me at least 3 weeks of everyday training in Southwoods, running laps approximately 6 or 7 laps just to reach a 12 kilometer goal. One of the few bright spots of the training is how to keep myself hydrated for an hour to preserve my bottle of water. 

That said, I also added a few features in my ride like upgrading to Shimano Rapidfire brakeshifters for easy uphill climbs, added a generic suspension fork just to prevent breakage of my stock rigid fork if ever I get to chance encounter a rough terrain -- all to prevent hassle along the road. 


I passed by my original route which is the road to Carmona, Cavite via Congressional road - to Governor's Drive, then to Carmona Bayan proper. After which, I passed by Barangay Sto, Tomas in Binan, Laguna. I took a right turn to pass by Barangay Langkiwa, then Barangay Timbao, exiting to Nuvali Boulevard specifically at the Gate 3 of Laguna Technopark. 

Nuvali Boulevard itself leads riders directly to Solenad, Nuvali. I passed by some subdivisions including Palma Real Estates, San Jose Residences 3, and De La Salle Canlubang.

There are at least 3 guard houses before I reach the end of Nuvali Boulevard, the intersection of Nuvali, Tagaytay and Balibago. 

As my cyclometer reads-- I reached 711 Nuvali in a distance of 16.83 kms. and took this ride 1 hour and 2 minutes.

 711 in Nuvali got a lot of riders and their rides parked too, so I ride along the premises to take some photos.

Overlooking SEDA hotel

I reached the Nuvali with the goal of not drinking any liquid for an hour.. 1st accomplishment done!

I felt my legs tremble and my body weakening as I drink my H2O. I then decided not to resume going to Marcos Mansion, but time told me that it was waaaaay to early to go back. It was just 7:05 AM.

I took at least 20 minutes rest. Then I decided to give it a go!

Shet ang init
Soon as I resumed my journey to Marcos Mansion, I passed by a magtataho, saktong-sakto, I am so effed up to drink that hot taho. I ordered one to sustain my weakening mortal body.

Nainom ko na bago pic sarap eh
Once I get to the Rotonda, I turned right going to Canlubang Golf and Country Club. The path itself is seriously hot and with such greenery left and right. There are a few vehicles passing by, but its still best to take precautions. 

After a kilometer of open space ride, I reached a turn stating that turning right will lead me to Barangay Casile. Riders from biker forums said that the Mansion itself is located in Barangay Casile. This means I'm literally near the place.

Sakit na paa ko!!

After the grueling climb, at last

Konti na lang
 After turning right to Casile, I encountered an uphill, curved steep climb and it was a hell of a climb. It's my first time there so I forgot to switch my gear. I managed to climb the lower half of the curve but rested my feet as it was really a climb for the ages. I continued to climb by foot. 

Then at last.. I reached the Marcos Mansion! It was a vintage mansion to say the least. It was huge enough to accommodate probably a rich family back in the days. It deserves to be called as a "Mansion". Such an awesome sight to behold. The place itself cannot be reached that easily if you don't have a steady research on how to reach the area, since it was that remote. Strategically placed at a hill, the foot of the mountain where a shortcut to Tagaytay's Palace in the Sky can be reached. 

For cyclists, the trail to Palace in the Sky via Barangay Casile, they call it Revpal, (not sure why) but it would take cyclists about how many kilometers of uphill climb to reach Palace in the Sky. Seems hard though, but surely will be my next destination. Will try Casile/Revpal trail to Palace in the Sky next time. More trainings, cardio and endurance! 

Group of cyclists in Mansion

Tune in again for my next adventure!


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