Hello humans. My name is Dan. I am a lone poetic who had unconditional love for my cheap but extremely useful gadgets. I am a passionate marketer by profession. I've immersed myself from arts, music and other forms and entertainment fitting for my tastes and lifestyle.

For those who are asking, "who is Blightfire?". Well, Blightfire; is a named derived from a Catacombs boss monster from Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo. It was a boss monster who killed my Warrior character several times until I took notice of the name and killed it finally.

The name also represents my alter ego; 'blight', which means poison, and 'fire', as we know it. The character itself is a goat, which reflects my zodiac, the Capricorn. It was a name fitting for someone who lives underneath the blanket of mystery and power.

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