Sunday, October 22, 2017

Southwoods Mall: The Latest Mall Experience In The South

I thought of blogging this one as I recently dropped by Southwoods Mall's month-long grand opening celebration. It was fun and exciting as they present tons of surprises throughout the whole month of October of 2017!

Photo grabbed from (c) Megaworld

PERSONAL RANT WARNING. Hear me out. I studied in Colegio San Agustin Binan from 1993 up to 2009. Those who studied in the institution would probably feel the same as me. I am totally envious of the present students who are there now. Before, we had to endure a P40+ of tricycle ride up to Pacita Complex, which is the nearest leisure place we could ever visit. Pacita served as out sanctuary before, and it was extremely far from the school. I never envisioned Southwoods to develop so much to the extent that they would be construct a shopping mall which we can literally crawl to reach. As an alumnus, I knew I was unfortunate. Anyway, moving on.........

That's me being honest. But of course, its a good thing to all neighboring subdivisions. People from Juana, Silcas, Silmer, San Francisco, Rosario, Olympia, Chrysanthemum, Adelina, Pacita and those I failed to mention, perhaps this is the biggest development so far in the nearby areas. I used to watch the developments unfold before my very eyes each and every year. I can still remember how they built Southwoods exit, re engineered each and every access to and from our areas to north and south etc. Even the construction of Splash Island and its museum before (unfortunately I forgot the exact name but its connected to the word Ecocentrum).

I never had the chance to attend the ribbon cutting of its exact opening date. But I was able to attend the festivities especially the guests and other performers who graced the celebration. I am a band fanatic and I never missed the chance to meet some of my admired bands which came in to play. I only focused on some of those I personally know.

So there was the first Sunday of October, which I had the chance to see the bands Southern Lights, Mayonnaise and the iconic Ely Buendia. Southern Lights is a up and coming band from Las Pinas, Mayonnaise, well you know them pretty well and Ely Buendia, of course.


Then I happen to drop by at the third week, which showcased the bands Jensen and the Flips (they are officially one of my top live performers now and they were excellent!), Madeline (who sounds like Barbie Almalbis), of course, the great Marc Abaya and the rest of Kjwan, and the chic magnet Champ Lui Pio and the rest of Hale. These performances are my main highlights. There are other guests who graced the event on the 2nd week such as KZ Tandingan, Michael Pangilinan and the like. I'm not a fan of them so I let them be.

Here are a few shots I took during the band performances (not in order)





See you at the south, people!


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