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Strong South circa 2005-2007

It's been 5 long years since the band scene in our place called Pacita Complex San Pedro, Laguna is long since forgotten. Pacita is indeed of the best place of the local talented underground bands - are born. A place where people (rakistas alike) have their own sense of music regardless of any type of eargasmic beats. 

 Kinton Cloud

 XOXO Laguna

I myself, was once part of that huge band scene that spanned for at least 4 years (the trending music is "emo") and that alone, made the comeback and the once again rise of the underground scene there. 

My brother, the drummer of Crackpots, one of the famous local underground bands who literally started the underground scene in Laguna, told me the story of the once reigning group of local talents called "Strong South".

Note: I cannot write the full details since my brother has flew to work abroad. I just want to share how he narrates the story and how it all started.

STRONG SOUTH MOVEMENT - a group of local bands united as one to keep the music scene burning in the south, composed mainly of bands based in San Pedro, Laguna. I also remember when I was young, my Kuya will always bring his drumstick and will tell my mom that "May gig lang kami sa San Pedro". At that time, not knowing what is happening outside, it was like, a GIG FOR A CAUSE. Audiences are encouraged to bring books, notes, pens - as means of payment to watch the best bands to perform. And after the gig, the group will then donate these to schools based in Laguna.

That time also, Sta. Rosa has their group as well. Famous for being called LAGUNA HARDCORE for the bands at Sta. Rosa are all Rock, Heavy Metal, and these types.They have charity events also, which later on, Strong South Movement and Laguna Hardcore has made truce to come up with big time underground gigs/concerts to help more schools and collect more donations.

I cannot believe that there are such acts of kindness to these metal folks. Knowing that other people have false perception to these rakistas because they were perceived to be praising the devil. LOL

Then the death of the scene came, because the Filipino market sudden change because of the trends that later on carried through the years. The scene was way back mid 90's. 

Music indulgent change. People change. The scene change. Modernization created a big impact to the bands and later on after mid 90's came in different music (e.g., Boy bands, rap metal, etc.) So then the people were discouraged to carry on the legacy in San Pedro. Although, there are still active and participate to gigs, but not in San Pedro, they will make "dayo" in Manila just to perform and smash their heads out.

The story of this music brotherhood was like fraternity. They were bonded not with fists and gang fights, but through music. Everything about the melody, and everything about the beat. These artists are people who gave their lives more colors; not on these times that they were bonded mostly in alcohol; no talent required.

Years gone by - me being a teenager, exactly a college freshie (wtf), and the trend EMO has emerged. I don't know, or maybe this trend just made the real test of faith to those who believed that music is still there - alive and kicking.

Way back 2005. I have a friend (whose later been my bandmate) has invited me to watch their gig. They are LOLITA RUN, one of the classical/rock influences and is one of the rising stars in the band scene (Laguna and Manila) because of their influences such as Rocking Horse Winner and the like.

The place was.. somewhere in Timog. I'm not sure if it's grapevine? Or what. Basta it's somewhere in Timog, QC. Now knowing of my personal backgrounds, my friend who is the lead vocals that time, asked me to form a band because I play the drums also for my former band. (toooot!)

Then later on, I have a band also which we live in the same place and we are called KINTON CLOUD. We are deeply influenced by the music of Homegrown and Amber Pacific, and later on influenced by As I Lay Dying. So we switched from Pop-punk/Emo then to Rock/Heavy Metal. We performed our first gig at Greenvine bar in Malate, in front of Hyatt.

And right after Kinton Cloud was formed, later on, Rainbowcakes and Candies was born. Our lead was the voice behind Lolita Run. Then later on formed the group XOXO. Our influences were Paramore, The Veronicas, and the like. If we will be categorized, we are Kikay Punk, same as the group EFFINBOICHE and they were starting that time as well. Although they started many years before us.

Then our brother bands: DROPOUT LAGUNA, KURIKONG KOMBAT, JUMPSTART SUITCASE, LOLITA RUN, LOVE VERONICA etc... These were the bands who made our gigs memorable. They were our number one fans. We, in return, to them as well.

I really miss the band scene in Laguna. There were few left, though the most active in Laguna still is Sta. Rosa. I miss playing the drums. I miss playing in front of the people. Even though I'm as successful Marketing Communications individual, there are still times that the scene haunts me..

I thought - I needed to share this story to everybody.

Here are some of the scenes from 2005- 2007 (In no order)

 Kurikong Kombat (During Adelina 2 Battle of the Bands)
 XOXO at Paranaque
 XOXO at Conia'z Bar Pacita

 XOXO Front act of ChicoSci live in Paranaque
 Kinton Cloud at 22nd Bar San Pedro
 Effinboiche Live at Coniaz Bar Pacita (Before they join Nescafe Soundskool)
 Ska Band FINGERTRAP live at Nightwish Bar Malate, Manila
Lolita Suitcase (Lolita Run + Jumpstart Suitcase combined) at Coniaz Bar
 I look like a shit (Adelina Battle of the Bands)
 XOXO live at Nightwish Bar Malate, Manila
 Kurikong Kombat live in Muzik Alley Gig Phase 6 Pacita
 Caption please :)
 Xoxo live in Muzik Alley gig Pacita
 Xoxo 1st batch of members (Tonie, Mayi, Dan, Melvin and Cheri)
 Xoxo at Club Halo
 Three-piece Jumpstart Suitcase (Forgot the name)
 So Shoot Me live at Coniaz Bar Laguna
 Love Veronica live at Coniaz Bar Pacita
 Valley of Chrome live at Coniaz Bar Pacita
 Xoxo 2nd batch (Predotor, Tonie, Dan, Mayi, Jemay)
 Kurikong Kombat together with Mark of Moist V(tooot!)
 Xoxo at Adelina 2 battle of the bands
 Before Gig Mayi, Dan and Grace of Lolita Run
 Lockfist at Coniaz bar
 Xoxo gig STI Makati Acquaintance Party (Bagaberde Bar, Pasay)
  Xoxo gig STI Makati Acquaintance Party (Bagaberde Bar, Pasay
 Lolita Run at Coniaz Bar
 Kinton Cloud at Mike's Place San Pedro
 My Little Red Sky at Malate, Manila (Hi Doc Jezreel Atienza!)
 Pentavia at Nightwish Bar Malate, Manila
 XOXO at Coniaz Bar
 XOXO at Our Father's Coffee Manila
XOXO at Greenvine Bar Malate, Manila

XOXO - Here we go again (Live at Vega J. Bar Malate, Manila)

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