Friday, April 20, 2012

My First Ever Vlog

What's up? Well I promised somebody that I will upload my very first vlog just for the sake of promotion.
Here's the oriental hotel vlog that I've done!
Nakakahiya! Pero sana everybody would enjoy. (Sana)

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Real Oriental Experience

What is the best than making a good way to survive stress which attacks each and everyone of us everyday?
What is the moment, that makes a great bond with your true self, than playing poker face with each and everybody everyday?
Having a hard time locating the best hotels in philippines?
Traffic, paper works, documents, assignments, homeworks, everyday physical battle, thinking too much..
How about, indulging yourself with relaxation, gentleness and comfort?
Instant relaxation, steady shots, panoramic views..
Worry no more, because the oriental hotel will get you the best relaxation and comfort that you need! These chain of hotels as handled by the LKY Group have more things to offer here, when you drop by the Philippines. You get captivated by the looks of their hotels, and knowingly and primarily, have their own exotic taste and selection what "Relaxation" is all about. As I heard all in the social  media particularly Oriental Hotels Facebook page made me wonder how can I put myself inside that majestic hotel of theirs. Well, I heard about that they have this Oriental Hotels situated in Legazpi City, Albay Bicol Region. As for my memories are concerned, I really wanted to go back to bicol. As I first done my travel blog describing how great the Bicol Region is, as to their cultural heritage and their great foods and handicrafts. And also, how bikolanos make good friends and companions as for the locals are maybe (maybe! I really don't know) if they were naturally raised to be nice. Well, it's great though!
As of this moment, there were likely to get more appreciation and trying to share what is the best part upon going to legazpi, bicol, no recap is stalled, but a great way to make our stay very beautiful!
Front Facade
As you can see, the front of the Oriental Hotels Legazpi is very simple; a metallic piece of material with a design of cursive handwriting to make of the grand entrance of the hotel.
It's more of a simpler type of hotel than it looks, but it really makes a good one to get the hotel as to differ it to any other hotels.
Simple and extravagant; that's how I describe the forefront of this hotel.
Frontal Shot
You can see here the actual view of the outside. I have no other photos but, the hotel itself resides on top of a hill.
The logo is on top of the hotel, the structure itself is cool because of it's white luxury.
When we arrived, it's raining in legazpi. Cool breeze of weather.
Me @ Oriental

I think this is the Mezzanine.
Lobby Sideview
Here is the Jasmine; one of the hotels favorite spots. Why? Because you'll be having the best foods in your life.
They serve a lot of good stuffs and we all know that, I don't actually know but, the food here are all "Oriental Recipe". Their chefs are good. (Compliments to the Chef!)
Foods. These are FOODS. Foods that'll. Errrr.
Captivating View of the Mayon Volcano (Room Terrace View)
Slumber. Relaxation. (I didn't do the SPA I'm sorry guys) The best part of staying at a hotel is to hibernate (haha!).
Although there are a lot of hotels out there that brings out the best of slumber to each and any guests and tourists, well,
The Oriental Pool
All I can say is, you have to see it, and drop by the oriental hotel (one of the legazpi hotels) and make a good relaxation and comfort to yourself. You, friends, and the rest of the family, can always make a good choice upon what part of the country you should stay in, focus on budget (if it's really tight), the location, plane packages, round trip transfers..
These are all related to what kind of vacation, should you want to do.
It's More Fun In The Philippines. = It's More Fun in Oriental.